first step

So the Proof of Concept went by and it was a roller coaster of struggle, tears, stress and happiness for accomplishing something somewhat decent. For the Proof of Concept, I had to choose a few things to follow from entrance portfolio to red river college. Surprisingly I accomplished everything I wanted to, it didn’t end up perfect or good but I had results in the end that I was proud of.

I decided to create a logo and an icon for a made-up app that was given as one of the options for the entrance portfolio, I ended up creating 6, you can see the top 3 of those logo icons at the bottom. That was the hardest part of my Proof of Concept because I have never used Adobe Illustrator or a drawing tablet. That little project was where all the tears were shed. The other piece that I decided to do was paint a self-portrait, which you could see as the featured image. The catch in that was that I couldn’t use a picture I had to draw it while looking at a mirror. It wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t recommend.  If it was from a picture it would be way better and if I knew how to draw portraits it would be wonderful. In the end, I had results of my work even though they looked like a 5-year-old made them. I learned everything from scratch, I learned the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator, the color palette for skin tones and how to draw a proportional face based on looking at myself through a mirror and following a book. Those two creations were a challenge to see what I like more and what interests me and they were a way to prepare myself for my future projects.

My big picture goals are to create and design sets for Glenlawn’s musical Hairspray and digitize my sketches while learning how to use Photoshop and illustrator. I am also planning to have a little art gallery to go with my final presentation to show my work and style with those digitized sketches. This plan might change depending on how much time I have.

So what is my next step you would ask, well it’s going to be meeting with the director of the musical and going over the supplies with what I can reuse and what are the new pieces that need to be created, basically the point of that meeting will be figuring out how he sees this musical. That fun stuff will happen next week and hopefully, it’s not going to be a roller coaster of struggle, tears, mixed happiness and stress.


park leaves 3 iconpark leaves 2 iconpark leaves 1 icon

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