Glass Half Full

The plan for my projects this semester has changed but a lot of little details were added. So far I really love the idea of how my project will look at the end of the year but all of those things have been stressing me out a little too much. Almost half of the semester has passed by, the glass is half full of ideas and steps towards the end goal. My project didn’t change, I will still be doing set design and digitizing my art and I will be having an art exhibit at the end of this semester. Those three things are my end results and in this blog I will talk about the different steps and milestones I have to be able to reach my goals.

The next step that I mentioned in my last blog was to meet with the director of Glenlawn’s musical to see his vision and get an idea of what available materials I have to work with. I was able to already do that which means I have completed my first milestone to reach my end goal. My next few milestones for set design are sketching out the sets and sending them to the director for feedback or approval. If they get feedback, I will redo them until they are fit to be approved. After they are approved, I will finalize them and create a way to present them to the cast and the crew. The last milestone for that project will be creating those sets with the wonderful people in the crew and making it all come to life.

As for digitizing my pieces, I haven’t started yet but I am planning on getting on top of that sometime soon, hopefully. I know its very unprofessional of me to not start learning about something I have no idea how to do but the set design is draining all my energy and creativity like a vampire. My digital art project has 4 milestones, learn basics, monkey see monkey do milestone, approve sketches that I have done before and then do them. Nothing really fun happening there until I can actually create those digital pieces and showcase them.

For the next few weeks, I am going to draw sketches of the sets for the musical because they need to be presented to the crew and the cast on November 24th. This leaves me with a very small amount of time and then I will get on top of all my other things.

In conclusion, I am stressed and I am running out of time but I am trying my best and I will finish these two projects no matter how much sleep I will have to sacrifice.

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