Another day, another struggle

Half a semester has passed and everyone started stressing out because there is so little time left. Unlike others, I have finished my project already but I am not done here. For the past couple of months, I have been working on my first project which was creating the set designs for Glenlaw’s musical Hairspray. Right now, with full on confidence, I can say that I have succeeded in drafting and designing the sets for the stage. I drew over 20 drafts and sent them in to be confirmed. Just this week, I had an opportunity to showcase these sets in a presentation to the crew and the cast of the musical through a 3D model and a Powerpoint with pictures of my sketches. Now I am ahead of my project timeline.

The project timeline is a Gantt chart that is made to help you put together dates to your goals and your next steps. It helps you to stay organize and figure out if you are ahead or behind on your project, it gives you a realistic view of your project and the things you want to accomplish. My timeline has all the main steps that I need to accomplish to achieve my end results. There is a picture of my timeline at the top of this blog which shows what I have to do from week 8 to week 18 of Propel. For the first half of my timeline, you can see that I worked on stage design, and for the second I am working on digitizing my pieces. I will have 3 days to finish each piece on which I will start working next week.

Currently, I am ahead of my first project because I finished 8 days earlier than I planned, but I am little bit behind on my second project. I was supposed to finish learning fundamentals for photoshop and illustrator last week, but I got too busy with set designs and didn’t have time looking into them. I am currently 7 days behind but I can catch up on my own time. After learning the fundamentals, I have to jump right into doing tutorials from online to get some practice before startting on my 6 pieces since I had to start earlier this week.

For my next few weeks, I will be watching videos on fundamentals of illustrator and photoshop such as how to use blending modes, brushes, how to resize the images and add layers. A lot of technical things that I will need to know. After watching tutorials I will sit down at the computer and recreate some of those tutorals to get some practice before starting my final 6 pieces. My future in Propel will look quite boring, I will be sitting down at the computer and trying to improve with each creation.

Wish me luck.




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